Navigating turbulent times can be tough, but for us changemakers and sustainability leaders, it’s an opportunity to showcase our leadership and resilience. 

I share with you 5 simple tips that you can apply right away and improve your every day as we enter the new reality. As we step further into this brand new year, it is essential to take specific steps to help yourself stay grounded and focused during a very challenging time on so many levels.

Only do what is essential.

Every morning, review your to-do list at least three times. Cross over anything that is not essential for you to go through this day.

Ground yourself.

We are still in the midst of winter. Connect with nature, walk in park or lie down on your belly for 10 minutes (fantastic practice!).

Connect with what brings you joy.

Be super picky about activities you include in your extra time (after the essentials).

Feel what makes you smile and warms your heart?

Share with people you trust…

…what you experience is and find comfort in hearing their stories. This is vital to understand it is not you alone, it’s in the collective.

The key is strategy and structure.

Think about what areas of your life require more support and how you can set these structures up.

We live in exciting but challenging times. Taking care of yourself first will build a solid foundation for your leadership.