Welcome to December – the month of reflection & visioning. 

Finally, my vision came true… right before the end of this year – I am opening myself to serve powerful change-makers, innovators and sustainability leaders to create a solid self-care and wellness foundation to change the world without compromising their own well-being… and more 😉

December – a month of reflection & visioning

We are entering a very special month. Not only because it is time when we get to see our families, receive gifts and have holidays. It is a special time because the energetics around this time of year are inviting us to reflect & celebrate all the gains of the last 12 months of year 2022.

Also, it is time to go within and see what needs to be evaluated and maybe adjusted before we enter a new cycle – a new year 2023. You see, our life experience is a sum of all our micro-choices and decisions we do everyday. The problem is that we mostly operate from the unconscious, or we could say our habits, so the things we do without actually thinking 😉

So, December brings us this AMAZING opportunity to reflect if the habits and way of operating in my everyday serve me. AND if I want to drag them with me to the new chapter of my life… marked as 2023.

My personal practice for many many years now around this time of the year is to actually harvest all the gains, reflect what did not work and connect to my deeper magnetic vision for the new year ahead! I had a pleasure to lead many people through the same processes in my Manifestation workshops I led in Poland.

I trully hope that this December Loveletter will inspire you to spend some quality time with yourself and reflect on everything you achieved this year and open yourself to the possibility of dream bigger & manifest the life of your highest potential in 2023.

With love,

Maja Michalewska.