Do you ever feel like you’re not living your life to the fullest? Like there’s more you could be doing to achieve your dreams and goals? Creating a vision board is an excellent way to connect with your deepest desires and manifest them into reality. And what better time to do it than during spring, a time of renewal and growth?

As Transformational Leadership & Wellness Coach, I believe that taking a holistic approach to life is crucial for sustainable success. That’s why I recommend creating a vision board that covers all aspects of your life, from career and finances to relationships and spirituality. 

Create your own Vision Board

Step 1: Set your intentions:

Start by thinking about what you want to achieve in the long term. Consider your goals in the following areas: Prosperity, Fame, Relationships, Family/Tradition, Me – how I want to be seen, Friends/Free Time, Spirituality, Career, Support/Collaborations.

Step 2: Gather your materials:

 Choose sustainable materials for your vision board, such as a recycled or upcycled cardboard or paper. Collect images from magazines, newspapers, or online sources that align with your goals and intentions. 

Tip: My favourite way to go about it is to find all images that fit my nine areas on Pinterest and then safe them into a Word document in a way that there is no white space left between the images. 

3. Get creative

Arrange the images and words on your vision board in a well-rounded vision board that includes all nine spaces, each representing an area of your life that you want to focus on: – – these are listed from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. 

4. Set up your board: 

Once you’ve arranged your images and words, glue or tape them onto your sustainable board. Hang it in a prominent place where you’ll see it every day, such as your bedroom or office.

5. Engage your subconscious: Take a few moments each day to look at your vision board and visualize yourself achieving your goals. Focus on the feelings of joy and fulfilment that come with success, and let your subconscious mind work its magic in bringing your vision to life.

It takes only 1-2 seconds per day to work with your Vision Board powerfully – your subconscious mind receives regular messages and activates your resources to move you towards the desired goals and dreams. All you need to do is to look at the vision board regularly. 

Don’t underestimate the amazing power of your subconscious which is responsible for 90% of the decisions you make every day.

I’ve been creating and using vision boards for years, and I can attest to their effectiveness. They’re a fun and creative way to connect with your dreams and aspirations, and they can help you stay focused and motivated on your journey towards success. 

So why not give it a try this spring? Get creative, have fun, and let your vision board be your guide towards a more fulfilling life.