It took me a while to send out this yummy fall loveletter, but the good news is it is here now for you to indulge in inspiration, recipes of the season and more… Yes, fall is finally here and it is time to… harvest and retreat.

In Ayurveda, the elemental medicine, I am certified in as a Wellness Coach, we know that fall and winter is the time of the queen of all queens… the famous and only Vata dosha. If you want to imagine her energetics fully think of coldness, dryness, depletion, and dispersal that can be felt in our climate, our bodies, and our minds.

If it all sounds depressing and depleting, please hang on as I have a full set of practical and effective tips on how to glow and shine this fall. But first of all, let’s name the elephant in the room: We are all experiecing a super crazy time right now. Things are moving way to fast for most of us, our minds are all over the place, the feeling of overwhelm is in the air. Another common signs include anxiety, tiredness and insomnia.

Fall – time to pause

Do you know, that we can use the practical Ayurvedic approach to balance out the qualities that are governing nature and us at the moment so that we can find a sense of equilibrium in this unstable time?

So, let me support you with a simple approach towards balancing Vata energy: we do it simply by bringing in the opposite qualities such as warm, moist, nourishing, heavy, grounding, safe, familiar, still, structured, etc. I invite you to feel towards these qualities in your life. Choose the soup instead of the salad; take a warm bath, schedule less, give less of your energy to things/people/events which aren’t essential. You get the idea.

This is my non-negotiable list for the fall season – because one thing is clear, we have to shift our energetics in the fall:

  • Root yourself, by doing less, and find any level of routine you can manage.
  • Go to bed earlier – begin creating a cozy ritual around your sleep routine, it is a must in this windy and cold season.
  • Nourish yourself with moist, warming, grounding foods – it brings an immediate relief to aggrevated Vata dosha. Spice up your food, add healthy oils and proritize simplicity on the plate.
  • Feeling a sweet tooth? That is totally natural in this time of the year. Try the amazing fall goddess oatmeal recipe below and see how quickly your body will feel satisfied. Bake and stew seasonal fruits, they are sweet, grounding and just.. soo good!
  • Get cozy, try not to start new things – I know… this one can be hard in our “get-it-now” culture. But if you focus on the amazing qualities that Vata dosha offers now in her season (yes, she is actually brilliant!), such as clarity, creativity and inspiration – you can envision how you want to step conciously into new year that is aroudn the corner 😉
  • Cleanse & restore your immune system – A small Ayurvedic secret, which has changed my life forever. Fall is a perfect time to cleanse your body/mind.We are in a very delicate time, where our nervous system and physical body need super special attention. Over summer we accumulate a lot of heat, which now is stored in our tissues and liver – yes, she has a hard time.So, fall is truly the moment to cleanse it all out of your body & mind and move into colder months with energised and rejuvenated immune system, so next time some cold or virus come by, they just run away 😉

And lastly I want to share with you the best fall goddess oatmeal.


  • 0,5 cup oats
  • 1 cup water
  • 0,5 cup plant-based milk
  • Spices: 2 cardamom pods, pinch of cinnamon, ginger, turmeric and nut meg
  • 3 seasonal apples and pears
  • Toppings: Passion fruit, one spoon of peanut butter/tahini


Add water, milk and oats to a pot and set to boil. Once cooking, add all the spices. Simmer for about 15-20 minutes. In the meantime, cut apples and pears, place in a little pot with some water. Stew the fruits for 10 minutes.

Once oats are cooked and creamy, you can place the oatmeal in the bowl, add the stewed fruits, add passion fruit and peanut butter on top.

Amazingly yummy, packed with antioxidants and grounding. Enjoy ❤️!

Wishing you amazing& real fall,

With love,

Maja Michalewska.