Finally, we are approaching the most auspicious time of the year. And at the same time, there is so much that can trigger us in this vulnerable time…

Today I am coming to you with valuable insights about the times ahead. Starting today, we are opening a portal of inner reflection, contemplation, and honoring the shift within us.

Of course, today is October 31st. For many known as Halloween, for some as Samhain and for me as Dziady (in Polish tradition) – the day when the veil between the two realities is thinner than ever. What realities, you may ask? The reality of being alive and dead, or what resonates closely with me being awakened or asleep.

Death and rebirth is an important cycle that is seen in nature constantly, and it’s also something that is mirrored within us. This is a time to honor the “deaths” that we have all experienced throughout the year. It is a time to make peace with all the things we have needed to let go of and to celebrate the cycle of the new.

The planets and stars in the Nothern hemisphere align in a specific way, allowing us to go deep within and reflect on everything we want to leave behind before the new cycle begins.

Even though a portal is unlocked at this time of year, what we now celebrate as Halloween is a celebration of Mother Nature and the ever-evolving energies that live around us and through us.

One of the best ways to use this powerful moment in the year is to go within, strengthen the connection with self and let go of everything that does not serve you anymore. 

Wishing you a powerful time of reflection & inner cleanse,

With love,

Maja Michalewska.