… as Albert Einstein once said.

This quote speaks to the power of an open mind and the ability it gives us to tackle even the most daunting challenges. When it comes to sustainability, the issues we face are complex and multifaceted, requiring us to think outside the box and consider a range of approaches and viewpoints. 

By adopting an open mindset, we can tap into the full potential of our creativity and innovation, coming up with new and exciting solutions to the sustainability challenges of our time. 

And by being open to different perspectives and viewpoints, we can work together to find common ground and build consensus around a shared vision for a sustainable future. 

So let’s embrace an open mindset and take on the challenges of sustainability with courage and determination, confident in the knowledge that together, we can make a real difference in the world.

Only a new growth-oriented mindset can support our changemakers’ actions.

With love,
Maja Michalewska