Spring season is finally here and there isn’t a better time to discover how to support yourself in this time than right now. 

I want to share with you the most practical and transformational tools that you can invite to your life to thrive both at personal as well as professional level. Yes, the change starts within you.

Spring – the Queen of all seasons

Do you know, that since I entered the path of Ayurveda aka transformational wellness science – my whole life began to change… change in accordance with natural cycles that are aligned not only with nature, but also with my internal rythms too. 

So, let me share with you some inspiring wisdom about spring season that can support you in getting in a more balanced state after winter. Eventhough everything is unique and changes, but… there are patterns too. And based on understanding those patterns, we can align our internal nature with the external Nature. 

The dominating energy in the external world could be described best as clay. It means everything cold, wet, static, heavy and dense… sound like a good portion of mucous right? Or a morning mood we experience when waking up or congested sinuses and allergies.

If you have experienced any of those symptoms, here comes good news: you’re normal :)!

This is only a sign that the spring energy within you starts to wake up, just like it does in Nature around us. Here come some totally reliable and life-changing tips & tricks to feel energized and radiant this spring:

  • Wake up with the sun. Yes! The body feels heavy and letargic if we wake up later in the spring time. Experiment, try to wake up with the sun this week and see the energy boost you will get to start of your day!
  • Go outside, be with nature! One of the best thing we can do to wake up the dorment body & mind (which can happen naturally after long winter months) is to regularly begin to enjoy walks, sports and outdoor activities.
  • Move your sexy body – to kick-off your day start with a energetic yoga set or go for a quick morning walk. The best hours for any sport activities in spring are 06:00-10:00 and 18:00-20:00.
  • Take care of your internal heat – Spring can be a tricky period, When temperature plays a funny game with us, so make sure to support your body with warm drinks and foods. My personal favourite is to drink hot water with fresh ginger along the day. Additional benefit you will get from doing so is better digestion and less mucous. Why not to try it? 😉

Time for spring cleanse, baby! – if I had to pick one of the most life-changing spring practices, this is it. Ayurveda recommends for our bodies the same what a good technician would say about your car/bike: spring is the time for a seasonal check up.

The body and mind are full of acumulated toxins, both physical in form of mucous, congestion, digestive issues but also mental like letargy, feeling of heaviness and lack of motivation.

And spring is truly the moment to cleanse it all out of your body & mind and move into an energized, vital and radiant Self!

A good news is you don’t have to do it all by yourself. This year I am so exctied to annouce that my seasonal program Spring Cleanse – Your Fresh Start is going to be part of Women Lead Community – an online platform gathering female leaders.

And lastly I want to share with you, that spring is a perfect time to plan, schedule and use the energetics of the season to step fully into your visions. 

If you are based in Copenhagen and surroundings, I extend my invitation for you to check the upcoming in person events – I would love to welcome you and say hi! 

Wishing you joyful & transformational spring,

Maja Michalewska.