The beginning of the year is NOT – I can repeat it many times – not a time to push the GO button and set yourself in motion on any of your amazing missions.

At least, this is the truth that I discovered for myself through ancient wisdom, which tells us that the winter season is a perfect opportunity to hit the pause button and connect with our inner wisdom.

Dear changemakers & leaders, winter is a time for rejuvenation and renewal. Why? Because Mama Nature herself is resting & doing what I will share with you right away! 

It is a time to nourish our bodies and minds, and to tap into our inner strength and vision.

Allow yourself to dream and to vision for the months ahead. And as you do, remember that this is not a time to start something new or simply make a list of goals. 

It is a time to listen to your inner wisdom and let it guide you on your path as a leader and changemaker.

This is the perfect opportunity to dive deeper into the art of manifestation and create powerful commitments for the year ahead. 

We are upgrading and preparing for an interesting journey in 2023. YES! YES! YES! 

Now as never before, it is time to align your mindset and the nervous system with the highest potential that is within you. 

May this 2023 be a wonderful journey into elevated leadership to you all – #ChangeStartsWithinYou ! 💡