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At the core of each of us lies a one-of-a-kind blueprint that unlocks our full potential. This blueprint determines our strengths and weaknesses, our preferences and tendencies. By embracing and understanding our individual blueprint, we can optimize our well-being and live our best lives.


Transformational Wellness Science of Ayurveda provides three main archetypes that govern our physical and mental processes, and accordingly, account for the differences in our nature.

Are you an ever-changing Vata?  Perhaps a fiery Pitta?  Maybe an earthy Kapha?

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How to approach this quiz?

When answering the questions below, reflect on your lifelong tendencies rather than focusing solely on the past week. Consider the patterns that have emerged over the course of your life and choose the response that best reflects these long-term tendencies.

If you encounter difficulty with a particular question, select the answer that most accurately describes someone who shares your characteristics.
In the event that multiple answers seem applicable, choose the one that best represents your overall tendency.


Remember, this quiz is not intended to reinforce limitation with labels nor it is detailed enough to get a full, conclusive picture of your mind & body blueprint. It’s meant as a starting place for understanding how your unique physical, mental and emotional tendencies express themselves in the language of Transformational Wellness Science of Ayurveda.