A workshop to create the best experience in 2023!


       kundalini yoga & meditation – manifestation technology – vision engineering

Powerful 2 days full of activation and mobilization of your resources so

that after this workshop you can gain:

1. Full control over the creation of your life, based on proven yogic technologies that will ensure you choose the right course and stay on it over the coming months

 2. Set of concrete and effective tools to release what no longer serves you and to stay on a new, higher vibration that will allow you to manifest your dreams and goals for 2023

3. Access to yogic techniques to activate your powerful vision for the new year & align your body and mind to the vibration of 2023

The highlights of this workshop:

4. You will discover the energetics of 2023 and apply this knowledge in your goals


5. You will create a concrete action plan & discover the necessary steps to make your visions & goals for 2023 a reality 

Schedule & location 

Saturday, January 14 ,2023

Time: 13:00-18:00

Each day begins with a powerful yoga and meditation practice

Followed by workshop activities

There will be breaks & little snacks served

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Time: 12:00 – 17:00

Each day begins with a powerful yoga and meditation practice

Followed by workshop activities

There will be breaks & little snacks served



Dalgas Yoga Studio 
Dalgas Blvd. 59, 2000 Frederiksberg


Ready to manifest your biggest dreams?


Discover simple and effective ways to work with manifestation in your life. 

The knowledge I will share with you comes from my teachers – women who, like me, believe that now is OUR TIME to act, to create the world as we see it, not with our minds but with our hearts. 


 Experience applied yoga technology empowered  by transformational facilitation method to bring your goals and dreams for 2023  to realization.  


Hi powerful Creator!

I am Maja Michalewska – a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and a lifelong student of yogic sciences and technology. Practising yoga since I was 15 years old.

During this transformative workshop, I will share you tools from both ancient and modern sciences that literally transformed my life. I use them regularly to create the life I want to be living.


Now is the time for the full activation of your purpose and potential in both body and mind
– and the kundalini yoga technology that I will share with you is an indispensable means to this end.

What participants from last year say about this Manifestation workshop:

” It was an amazing experience, I felt my potential, my true self, I felt that I can do anything, that what my soul wants is at my fingertips! ” 


 ” I’m taking with me positive energy for this year, beautiful experiences and the most important to me,  solid planning strategy without day-dreaming. “


 ” I recommend the workshop with Maja because it gives you the opportunity to look at yourself from a slightly different perspective than you have been looking at yourself before and you can discover beauty within yourself, your inner beauty :)!