The doors to join Transformational Spring Cleanse 2023 are closed now. 

The next opportunity to cleanse your mind & body with me is in the autumn season.

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As certified Transformational Wellness & Leadership Coach, I support change-makers, innovators and sustainability leaders in creating a solid foundation of wellness and self-care to drive the change and create a better world.

Holistic Spring and Autumn Cleanses have changed my life. Personally, this experience allows me to be the changemaker I want to be. It provides me space to ground, re-charge and shed off what does not serve me anymore, so that I can come out refreshed, vitalised and full of inspiration. 

My mission is to make transformational wellness, based on ancient Ayurveda, accesible and fun! It is a life-changing path and I am inviting you to be curious, step on it and experience a life full of bliss & joy! 


See what this experience can do for you:

The most important discovery for me after the cleanse: “cleansing doesn’t have to be a struggle-it’s a manifestation of self-love”. Priceless ❤️ What I take away with me into the rest of the year is: wisdom that Maja shares so abundantly, wonderful massages (I also rub warm oil on my children’s feet and hands now), yoga practices, beautiful mantras, recipes, “first burp” secret and love for Ayurveda ❤️!


Thank you immensely for this space of sharing, inspiration and support ❤! I have learned a lot of things over this rather short time 🙂: I don’t weigh myself, but I feel lighter, smaller tummy, less bloating! I eat smaller portions and eat more carefully – the magic of the first burp!
I see great value in attentive eating, in observing in what situations the urge to eat arises, with what emotions I sit down to eat.


There are already some visible and good sides of the cleanse…. three kilos less 🙂 Beautifully prepared program in a clear and accessible way. I am grateful for this time, cleansed lighter with new habits that I want to incorporate into my daily routine. And I crave  less sweets 🙂