Do you want to experience the following this spring?

✔ Give your body and mind a fresh start this spring,

✔ Radically upgrade your energy levels,

✔ Clear your mind and create space for inspiration and creativity,

✔ Boost your digestion,

✔ Get rid of allergy symptoms,

✔ Create a supportive self-care routine,

✔ Say goodbye to extra weight & tone your body

If you say YES... Holistic Spring Cleanse is for you!



You are invited to join a 7-day nourishing & cleansing experience this Spring!

The Holistic Spring Cleanse will help boost your energy and allow your body to gently cleanse after a long winter and reach a more optimal state of health with the support of an experienced guide and community.


🌿 This Spring Cleanse is based on a holistic framework originating in Ayurveda, a transformational wellness science.

🌿 It provides you a fantastic way to discover a totally new way of cleansing and detoxifying your body & mind, an opportunity to examine and redefine your relationship with food, as well as an invitation to (re)commit to self-care routines that can support you in the upcoming spring and summer months.


🌿 You will be given access to an online portal that includes all the info you need to carry out the cleanse plus some extra support through group live meetings where I will share step-by-step how to carry the Spring Cleanse from the comfort of your own home.


🌿 The group experience is invaluable as we will share our experiences and have opportunity to ask questions.

🌿 As a bonus, I also include an energizing guided morning practice and a power practice that you can include in your cleanse schedule.


You CAN absolutely do this cleanse while still going to work and living your normal life.


The Holistic Spring Cleanse is the opposite of restrictive eating and dieting.

It is a joyful and refreshing experience both for your body and mind!


What makes this Spring  Cleanse so special?

Holistic approach
Based on the ancient science transformational health & wellness, Ayurveda, you are invited into a pleasant and safe space of cleansing, where we approach our bodies with respect and love.

Now is the PERFECT time to cleanse our mind & body
There are two important times of the year to cleanse the body and mind – in spring and in autumn. 
If you haven’t yet experienced a proper spring cleanse – I invite you to a unique experience- when you will experience renewal, boost your energy levels, clear your mind and improve your state of well-being! 

Total freedom – you get to eat how much you feel

In the Cleanse you will get all necessary recipes that will allow you to prepare nutritious and at the same time cleansing dishes every day.. There is no counting of calories or portions. All you will eat is seasonal, fresh and deeply nourishing. 

“The Cleanse process was surpringsingly easy! The food really keeps you well-nourished and full. For me, it was great to
fix the times of my meals and not snack uncontrollably throughout the day. I also love the warm oil massage!

The best about this holistic cleanse is not having to think about what to eat and not having discussions with myself about sugar, coffee or other indulgences.
Afterwards, I really love how light I feel (and am!)! “
- Sofie

Get to know your holistic experience

 Everything you need in one place

All materials, including recipes, morning yoga practice, self-care rituals and special treats, are available in an easy to use online platform. You can download the recipes, shopping list, self-care ritual guide or use it on your phone. 

3 live Community sessions 

The online cleanse experience includes three live sessions on Zoom (also available as video recordings) before, during and after the 7-day process to guide your journey, and to provide an opportunity for you to ask questions and share experiences with your co-cleansers.

We also stay connected via a lively private online group where participants build community and support one another throughout the week. 

Daily Transformational Self-care Rituals

Yes! This Cleanse experience provides you with holistic body cleansing through proven Ayurvedic rituals in addition to a specially selected diet. All rituals are explained step by step in the online platform. 

Experience this Spring Cleanse from inside out! Cleansing and nurturing in one. You’ll strengthen and awaken your body & mind after long winter months. 

Energizing Morning Yoga Practice 

This is a special treat just for you. Start each morning with energizing 30-minute recorded Morning Yoga session – available in the online platform. It is an integral part of the Spring Cleanse.

I openly guarantee: this is not a typical restrictive detox you maybe experienced or heard of. This Holistic Spring Cleanse is a pleasant experience full of loving attention in which you can renew & refresh your entire body and mind! 


 All live sessions are recorded for playback at your convenience. Times are in CET.
Saturday, 25th of March //   Live introductory session (90 minutes) – 6 pm 
27th of March – 2nd of April // 7 Day Active Cleansing – the best experience ever! 
Wednesday, 29th of March  // Live mid-week session (60 minutes) – 6 pm
Sunday, 2nd of April // Live Closing session (75 minutes) – 10 am

The above dates don’t work for you? No worries! Registered participants receive access to all materials needed to complete the cleanse, and can participate during any one-week timeframe if they cannot join us during the live cleanse week.





As certified Transformational Wellness & Leadership Coach, I support change-makers, innovators and sustainability leaders in creating a solid foundation of wellness and self-care to drive the change and create a better world.

Holistic Spring and Autumn Cleanses have changed my life. Personally, this experience allows me to be the changemaker I want to be. It provides me space to ground, re-charge and shed off what does not serve me anymore, so that I can come out refreshed, vitalised and full of inspiration. 

My mission is to make transformational wellness, based on ancient Ayurveda, accesible and fun! It is a life-changing path and I am inviting you to be curious, step on it and experience a life full of bliss & joy! 


See what this experience can do for you:

The most important discovery for me after the cleanse: “cleansing doesn’t have to be a struggle-it’s a manifestation of self-love”. Priceless ❤️ What I take away with me into the rest of the year is: wisdom that Maja shares so abundantly, wonderful massages (I also rub warm oil on my children’s feet and hands now), yoga practices, beautiful mantras, recipes, “first burp” secret and love for Ayurveda ❤️!


Thank you immensely for this space of sharing, inspiration and support ❤! I have learned a lot of things over this rather short time 🙂: I don’t weigh myself, but I feel lighter, smaller tummy, less bloating! I eat smaller portions and eat more carefully – the magic of the first burp!
I see great value in attentive eating, in observing in what situations the urge to eat arises, with what emotions I sit down to eat.


There are already some visible and good sides of the cleanse…. three kilos less 🙂 Beautifully prepared program in a clear and accessible way. I am grateful for this time, cleansed lighter with new habits that I want to incorporate into my daily routine. And I crave  less sweets 🙂



1444 DKK


  • Access to the online platform with all materials,
  • Recipes, self-care rituals,
  • Morning Yoga Practice,
  • Shopping list,
  • All live sessions,
  • Professional guidance, 
  • Access to a private group,
  • … and many more treats along the way.

If you want to support yourself in achieving a balances and energized state of being, this Spring Cleanse is a wonderful opportunity for you to achieve this goal. 

Do you prefer payment in Euro currency? No problem! Below is the possibility for you to join the Spring Cleanse, too! 

Holistic Cleanse FAQ

Q: Can I participate if I can't make the live online calls?

A: Of course! Each call will be recorded and available for you to listen to at your convenience. Maja recommends listening to the calls as soon as possible following the live sessions.

Q: I can't complete the cleanse during the week when it is scheduled. Can I do it another week?

A: Absolutely! By signing up, you will have access to all the materials available for you on the platform and can complete the cleanse at any time. You will still have access to our online cleanse group, where you can learn from the experiences of other participants, and have your questions answered by Maja.

Q: When will recipes and shopping lists be available?

A: All materials will be made available by 22nd of March. A shopping list will be provided right away with the welcome e-mail. 

Q: How far in advance can I prepare my food?

A: Ideally all food will be prepared within 24 hours of consumption. However, you can prepare bigger portions and have them over two days.

Q: Will I need to alter my schedule in any way to accommodate the cleanse?

A: This is largely a personal decision. 

For everyone participating, I do encourage you to keep your calendar clear as much as possible of extra appointments, obligations, etc. so that you can give yourself some extra downtime. The more you are able to minimize sources of stress during the cleanse week, the greater your benefits may be.

Q: What format is used for the online forum?

A: Online group is hosted via Mighty Networks Platform. Only registered cleanse participants may enter the group. It is a sacred and private space.


Q: Can I exercise while cleansing?

A: Yes – most participants find they can keep up with their normal exercise routines during the cleanse week. I do encourage you to tune into your energy levels and choose activities that feel in alignment with how you feel throughout the week.

Q: Can I take medications/herbs/supplements on the cleanse?

A: Yes – you can keep up your normal routines during the cleanse. If you have any questions, please seek advice from your healthcare practitioner. 

Question not answered? Contact me!

May this Spring bring you renewal & boost your energy levels! 

– Maja Michalewska, your guide


The Spring Cleanse is gentle and effective for individuals in generally good states of health. Cleansing is not recommended for anyone who is pregnant or experiencing symptoms of either a chronic or acute health condition. If you are currently undergoing treatment for any medical condition, please consult your doctor to determine if a cleanse is appropriate for you at this time. By registering for the cleanse, you assume any and all risks and understand you are responsible for consulting with a physician regarding any personal health-related questions you have before, during or after the cleanse.