Your balanced health awaits

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Health means much more than simply dis-ease free state

The time has come for you to discover your unique nature and live your life fully in a state of health, balance and vibrance.

Together, we’ll carefully understand the root cause of your current imbalance, define your goals, and craft the perfect plan for your health and balance.

My guidance will not only educate you about your unique mind-body type and imbalances but will empower you to live in alignment with your body’s unique needs for the rest of your life.

Whether you are looking for improving your digestion, skin condition, losing weight or relieving chronic condition,

Ayurveda is the right path for you.


3 months to a healthier, more balanced and vibrant You!

   How the program works


Step 1.  Your intake consultation. In this powerful 90-120 minutes session, we will discover your health and understand what led you to your current state of imbalance. We will deeply discuss your current state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

Step 2. Your unique mind-body type. Based on the initial intake consultation and my evaluation, I will put together a personalized holistic plan for you: a blueprint of your unique nature and imbalances, as well as a protocol for how to begin the process of healing. The session will include recommendations for diet, lifestyle practices, herbs and also additional practices like meditation, yoga, or breathwork. I will provide you with easy and yummy recipes and materials to get you started! 

Step 3Follow-Up Sessions. After the two initial sessions, we will meet every second week (60-75 minute sessions) to discuss your progress and integrate more recommendations to support you to reach a state of total harmony in your body, bliss in mind, and peace in heart. Additionally, I will guide you through special practices to support healing and allow you to integrate the changes. 

Also included: Email support in between sessions. I am always available to your questions and discoveries along the way! 

Investment includes:

  • Five 1:1 breakthrough sessions,
  • your Ayurveda doshic blueprint,
  • 15-20 customized recommendations,
  • customized food program & recipes,
  • customized lifestyle recommendations (embodied practices, meditation, breath-work, readings etc.),
  • weekly & ongoing e-mail support in between sessions.

Sessions take place either in person or online via Zoom. 

What results to expect

Optimal digestion

Balanced weight

Great Sleep

Mental clarity 

Relief from headaches

More energy and stamina

Reduced menstrual pains

Increased joy & bliss

Sense of direction & purspose in life

Connection to Self

and many, many more!



I support and empower you to become the healthiest, happiest and most vibrant version of Yourself!



Testimonials & kind words

After 3 month program with Maja, I gained a much deeper and holistic understanding of my wellbeing and health. A great many tools to support these and a wonderful cheerleader whose gentle but consistent support helps turn your life around and implement new habits faster than I’ve ever experienced. The best about this program is The love and the light and energy that Maja brings to every meeting and even in her e-mails. And the fact that you can see and feel a difference every time you do/change something – it’s like I’ finally in the driver’s seat in my life!

Sofie, social equality expert & singer

I would recommend Maja for every women looking to have a more balanced health and lifestyle. Maja is incredibly warm and safe to be around and I can be my truest self. I see changes that have manifested in my life thanks to Maja's guidance and my effort - nothing comes easy! But it surely can be easier when there is someone like Maja to help follow through the plan of transformation. Thank You!

Grete, designer & artist

After one month, I came back to normal life after Covid. I recovered my energy and learned so much about morning breathing and stretching exercises and now I have the awareness of their power to start a good day! Maja adapts to the client, explains the procedure very easily and is always super reachable to answer doubts that can come up after the session. I really appreciate that Maja was checking on me and my progress throughout the process 😊

Ainhoa, environemtnal economist

The fact that I'm a Vatta-Pitta has changed my attitude towards myself. Now I know. A feminine, gentle approach to myself and slowing down in life. I started to look at myself and people differently. I'm less nervous, I work with my emotions... I cook often Maja's recipes, they are insanely good! And I introduced the principle of Less is more. Thank you for a valuable time together and for your help.

Justyna, yoga teacher & artist

First of all, I finally reached peace of mind and the feeling of being "here and now" followed by everything else - my bowel movements have normalized, my vitality has improved, the amount of hair falling out has decreased, my complexion has improved, the quality of my sleep has improved - I fall into a deep sleep, I don't wake up! I have already recommended working with Maja to several friends. Why? Because thanks to her we discover ourselves in new way and begin to understand the needs of our own body and mind.

Isabel, massage therapist